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The SVM Global Learning Center Call For Support

March 1, 2019

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” The Declaration of Independence

Anticipated Launch Date: Friday, September 13, 2019. #IncomeEquality

INTRODUCTION – The SVM Global Business System (SVMG) is a globally unifying humanitarian effort to provide reliable income for people in crisis until financial stability is achieved, then continues serving as a Universal Basic Income (UBI) for as long as participants remain active within the system. Eighteen years in the making; SVMG is comprised of three business entities and a sponsorship program:

  • The First entity is The SVM Global Learning Center (SVM-LC-California), a leading provider of “Total Life Make-Over Plans.” Provisions include family services, education in cryptocurrency, trade development, preparation for client status in Sheila V. & Associates, and entering, and earning in The Marketplace.
  • The Second entity is Sheila V. & Associates (SV&A-New York), professional development and business management consulting firm with a clientele consisting of independent contractors, distributors, freelance professionals, and several other small business owners. SV&A helps its clients determine tax classifications, document filings and oversees logistical responsibilities.
  • The Third entity is The Marketplace at SV&A, LLC (TMktP-Costa Rica), a privately owned, affiliate partner program, and educational platform where clients of SV&A are entered to become sellers of their trade, which may consist of any product, service, talent or art deemed appropriate for the general public. Here is where clients “EARN WHILE THEY LEARN TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL IN BUSINESS.”

To enter The Marketplace, subscriptions are purchased via Bitcoin in Peer to Peer transactions, among the clients of SV&A. Subscription sales are prepaid weekly, and the first week is compensated by SV&A. As well, all subscription sales are facilitated by SV&A. These sales generate revenue shared equally among the members. The median income earning potential for each participant is approximately $930 a week, establishing the first ever, globally sustainable #UniversalBasicIncome (#UBI).

  • The sponsorship program, The SVM Global Freedom Fund, is managed within The Learning Center and provides funding for individuals who are otherwise, incapable of affording the opportunity to participate in the system. Initially, funding will be furnished by donations, afterward, the fund will be replenished by pledges of 10% of all weekly earnings, perpetuating the system until #poverty no longer exists.

PLAN OF EXECUTION – The Learning Center is attempting to raise $5.7M, by way of crowdfunding with GoFundMe, to complete the final stages of research and development needed to execute The SVM Global Business System. Those stages consist of the following:

  • Customizing software using blockchain technology that can integrate with government systems, making it easier and faster to identify, locate and process individuals and families, worldwide.
  • Establish physical locations in California, New York City and Costa Rica.
  • Staff administrative positions with Military Veterans, programmers, and system managers.
  • Staff legal departments and ensure compliance with all domestic and international trade laws associated with providing services and support for members within the system.
  • Staff accounting departments. In addition to ensuring income equality for all participants, and the proper setting up of trusts, a valuation of all companies and funding programs within the system will need to be completed. Next fundraiser will be in the way of billion-dollar buy-ins.
Members of Military Women In Power (MWIP), Bronx, NY
MWIP to assist in implementing The SVM Global Business System

Schedule meetings with presidential candidates, members of Congress and the United Nations to demonstrate how the SVM Global Business System can make the following feasible:

  • End poverty and homelessness in their communities, towns, cities, and states,
  • Make healthcare affordable for everyone, regardless of existing conditions,
  • Afford all costs of attending college before students graduate from grade school,
  • Restore the lives of every person, family, and business displaced by natural disasters,
  • Increase the number of employee positions, while decreasing costs for production,
  • Accommodate workers being furloughed, and teachers on strike until they can return to work,
  • Locate and unite every separated child with his/her parent or family member,
  • Resolve the migrant crisis while boosting the economy of host cities, worldwide
  • Fully implement Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s New Green Deal
  • Complete California’s Bullet Train Project, and any other project throughout the world that is similar or larger in scale and budget.

CALL FOR SUPPORT – SVM Global companies are privately owned commercial businesses, operating within the laws of free trade. Our first attempt to help resolve the many economic and social issues our society is facing today will be to reach out to members of a state, and other governing bodies for approval and support, however, if our efforts are not appreciated, we will market our services and support directly to the people.

We are asking for your help, in bringing awareness to the possibilities offered by The SVM Global Business System, and that you share what you believe will be the global impact once its potential is validated. We are also hoping that such exposure will help us raise the funding needed to implement the system. A $10 donation every person in need of income stability, will help us help them achieve that goal, and income equality before the end of 2019. Thank you!

Donations are accepted by clicking the links for GoFundMe, The SVM Global Freedom Fund, and via BTC: 1LUFdwCjYRfPneS9B5RuJguQfBLZkDvFJf  ~ Alternative methods of donating may be requested via email or by calling directly to (559) 418-0884.

Rev. Sheila V. Tabarsi, Founder & CEO The SVM Global Learning Center, LLC

Proprietary *All Rights Reserved by Sheila V. & Associates, LLC, The Marketplace at SV&A, LLC, The SVM Global Freedom Fund and The SVM Global Learning Center, LLC  

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