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“Because I Said No!” to Ed Mercer

Because I said “No” to Ed Mercer, The SVM Global Business System (SVMG), which is a globally unifying humanitarian effort to establish income equality, and the only one in existence, may encounter more challenges than is fair. Let me explain. #BecauseISaidNo #MeToo

The SVM Global Initiative (SVMG) was launched in 2014 by the not-for-profit organization SVM ReDesign Your Life America. The Initiative has since evolved into The SVM Global Business System (same acronym: SVMG). Both represent the collaborative efforts of three Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs), and a sponsorship program with the means to end world poverty. #IncomeEquality #UniversalBasicIncome #UBI #Entrepreneurship

The parent company within the LLCs is Sheila V. & Associates (SV&A), professional development and business management consulting firm with a clientele consisting of independent contractors, distributors, free-lance professionals, and other small business owners.

Once The SVM Global Initiative was formed, it quickly gained an online following that included the self-proclaimed Billionaire Ed Mercer. Ed believed he was better qualified than me to run my companies. Naturally, I disagreed. When his direct approach didn’t work, he tried on several occasions, to seduce me, and then my 30-year-old daughter, while still married to his wife, Karen. Undeterred by rejection, his next plan was to use circumvention. Ed offered to make millionaires of my staff if they would convince my clients the mission was a scam. One staff member believed he would be putting his life and that of his family’s in jeopardy if he did not follow through with Ed’s request. #BecauseISaidNo #MeToo #FakeBillionaire

REVEALING ED’S SECRET – Most of my clients were loyal and resented Ed’s attempt at a hostile takeover. They were in it for the mission, not the money, and accepted the reality that the road to ending poverty could be long and arduous. Those who left with Ed were only interested in money, and his promises to make millionaires of everyone who left SVMG to follow him.

We were relieved to see them go; still, Ed had backed me into a corner. As a way out, I chose to reveal one of his biggest secrets, something I would have kept in confidence had I not been forced to save face. Ed Mercer was an auctioneer in Las Vegas when the event he was working sold over a billion dollars in homes. The success made the cover of a magazine or some other publication, that portrayed him as a real estate tycoon, and he ran with it. The next decade or so, he convinced every millionaire he met, that he was the billionaire that could help them maximize their returns in real estate, and the fraud became a legend. #FakeBillionaire

Ed often boasted about how easy it was to manipulate his clients. He was furious when I publicized his intentions for mine, on a conference call with over 3,000 listeners, worldwide. His already bruised ego interpreted my revelation as an all-out assault on his reputation. Frankly, he brought it all on himself, but that fact only fed into his sense of entitlement.

Ed has determined that if he could not reap the benefits of owning SVMG, then neither should I. He has made every effort to that end, without any regard for the people whom he had deprived of services. #Seniors #ForeignAID #PaidTuition #FamilySupport

HIS RETRIBUTION – After exposing his true nature, Ed retaliated by using his advertising and marketing company to flood the internet with misinformation about the Initiative, and to assassinate my character. Unfortunately, people are quick to believe what they see in print. Until now, this has prevented us from being able to financially sustain the businesses, while continuing to develop their infrastructures. #BehindMLM #PatrickPretty #RealScam #KaseyChang

His objective was and still is, to prevent us from successfully implementing the system, as it is originally intended. Starve me out, literally and figuratively, to the point where I am unable to recover, then with the help of my old staff, promote and implement the SVM Global business model as a glorified MLM.

SVMG IS NOT AN MLM! – The Home-based and Multi-Level-Marketing Industries were worthwhile studies when developing the SVM Global Business System. Network Marketers are generally motivated self-starters that are great to work with when testing new concepts, and improving systems needed to process tens of thousands of people at a fluctuating, and accelerated rate.

On the other side of that coin are those subscribing to the flighty fate of “cyclers” and so-called “get-rich-quick-schemes.” These people are frequently not interested in dealing with legitimate online marketing businesses. It was common to be at odds with this group as they were often unreasonable, demanding, and quick to spread misinformation, destroy reputations, and mislead people by the thousands if just one of them didn’t get their way. This is the world in which Ed Mercer reigns supreme.

Literally, hundreds of pages of blog postings on as many as 7 different “scam reviews for MLM websites,” claiming that the SVM Global Initiative and I have Ponzi schemed, scammed, violated, or been investigated by the SEC, except none of the companies within SVMG are MLMs. The truth is, the consulting firm is our only business in operation, and none of its activities warrant an investigation.

FEAR, UNCERTAINTY, AND DOUBT (FUD) MONGERING – Ed’s staff cleverly manages to keep my old clients convinced that SVMG is raking in tens of thousands of dollars a month, by exploiting new clients. At the same time, updating posts that describe the businesses as being so broke they don’t have the right to be regarded as legitimate.

These hate-bloggers are well aware of the true nature of Sheila V. & Associates, the fact that clients are invoiced a nominal monthly fee for services, and payments are never demanded. Monthly overhead costs were reduced significantly after Ed absconded with my staff and developers. As well, the two other LLCs making up the SVM Global Initiative/Business System, have yet to be launched. We are not as broke as they often claim, we have downsized, and are merely underfunded, but the success of our GoFundMe Campaign for $5.7M will change all that.

Their assaults are not the actions of a government organization, founded to provide online consumer protection. These are privately financed raids on businesses owned by a private citizen, carried out by mean-spirited avatars, which is not too unlike being attacked by masked assailants. Had these bombardments been carried out on brick and mortar establishments, local authorities would have made identifying and prosecuting these criminals a priority.

If publishing a business’s wrongdoings was an attempt to coerce better business practices, there would exist the potential for an ethical and responsible blogger, to follow-up on their post once there were notable improvements to that business or the business ceased its operation. Whatever the outcome, the author would be reachable to dispute or correct misinformation. This is how ethical and responsible reporting works, but we are not dealing with moral and accountable reporters, and they have no intention of being reachable. These people are out to destroy SVMG for profit, and the opportunity it would give them to dominate the MLM Industry.

PROFIT POTENTIAL – A First-Year Projection, of one of the businesses operating within the SVM Global Business System, after $4.4M in spending, is $2.8B in revenue. #Innovative #Diversified #CompetitiveAdvantage

Revenue is generated for each business, as members move through the system. Once a certain income level is reached, a percentage is automatically deducted from member’s earnings to replenish the Freedom Fund. This is what fuels the sponsorship program, and ultimately perpetuates the system. We are hopeful the SVM Global Business System is proven worthy enough to be adapted to welfare systems within states and provinces all over the world. #EconomicDevelopment #BusinessDevelopment #Entrepreneurship #AffiliateMarketing #UniversalBasicIncome #UBI #Income Equality

Ed’s understanding of SVMG’s full capabilities and an analysis of its financials determined SVMG’s profit potential as being limitless.

DOMINATING THE INDUSTRY – Ed and his co-conspirators want to make a play for the hundreds of thousands of members in the network marketing community, who are already familiar with SVM Global’s fundamental design. Regaining their interests will give them the ability to dominate the industry in South American countries, India and Africa, where followers have been waiting more than four years for an SVMG launch.

CALL FOR SUPPORTFour straight years of Cyber-Bullying, FUD Mongering, and Character Assassination, could have caused someone more sensitive, to commit suicide. If it were not for my faith and belief in God’s plan for me to end global poverty, these people who have already ruined me financially, and caused irreparable damages to personal and professional relationships, would have also killed my spirit. #WhatIsYourLifesPurpose

We are asking for your help in bringing awareness to The SVM Global Business System, and its possibilities, and to share your thoughts on what successful implementation could mean for our society. We are hoping for an objective perspective that will encourage readers to avoid being swayed by FUD Mongering when web browsing for more information. #SVMGlobal
#RevSheilaV #SheilaV

We also hope that your story attracts the attention of lawmakers who will decide to work harder to stop these kinds of harassment before someone really gets hurt. #CyberStalking #CyberBullying #HateBlogging #FUDMongering

God bless and Godspeed to our success!

Rev. Sheila V. Tabarsi, Founder The SVM Global Business System


Bus: (559) 418-0884

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