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Life Skills 101 ~ Taught w/Kahlil Gibran’s “The Prophet”

Kahlil Gibran's The ProphetLife Skills classes are presented with the intention of offering a dogma-free universal spiritualism as portrayed in Kahlil Gibran’s “The Prophet”.  A poetic representation of the many aspects of life, each class is designed to teach each participant how to successfully maneuver through life and living to obtain A POSITIVE OUTCOME IN AS MANY SITUATIONS AS POSSIBLE.  Powerful or meek, wealthy or poor, full of life or barely living; we are innately social creatures who need to know ourselves before we can expect to be successful when relating to and communicating with those around us.

Class schedule: To be announced

Feel free to express your thoughts and enlighten us on your experience  with the following class topics.  (pdf)  

Topics titled in sequence with Gibran’s famous book. For each subject in life, we’ll compare “The Prophet’s” perspective with others viewed by people of cultures past, present and future, as foretold in The Book of Urantia.

Series I:  Classes 1 – 5

Class 1:  Eating & Drinking-Honoring & elevating your spirit & vibration.

Class 2:   Friendship       – Classifying associations & respecting boundaries.

Class 3:   Love – Learn how-to allow love not fear to direct your course in life. How and when to say it and when love is not enough.

Class 4:   Pain – Learn how-to heal and use pain to your advantage.

Class 5:   Pleasure – A balance of desire, fulfillment and pain. Distinguishing what is good in pleasure from what is not good.

Series II:  Classes 6 – 10

Class 6:   Reason & Passion – When either is too much or not enough.

Class 7:   Work   – Fulfilling your purpose in life; a labor of love.

Class 8:   Marriage          – You came into this life together. Seeing marriage from different perspectives; knowing when to save and/or leave it.

Class 9:   Teaching         – Teaching is a necessary step to becoming the master of your own life. Only then you’ll know what you don’t know & find peace.

Class 10:  Children         –Multidimensional, advanced thinkers. Not ADHD

Series III:  Classes 11 – 15

Class 11:  Laws  How-to balance man’s law w/karma, fate & faith.

Class 12:  TalkingUsing ESP w/speech for effective communication.

Class 13:  Self-KnowledgeLearning the advantages to knowing yourself

Class 14:  Joy & Sorrow   –The need for joy to overcome all sorrows.

Class 15:  Crime & PunishmentAll evil needs to prevail is for good men to do nothing. Vigilance as a requirement for spiritual growth.

Series IV:  Classes 16 – 20

Class 16:  Buying & Selling – Leaning why you’re your most sellable asset.

Class 17:  Giving            – It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.

Class 18:  Beauty            – As it is relative internally & externally to the Creator.

Class 19:  Houses           – A necessary foundation for educational, profession-al and spiritual growth, possession of; should never prevent such growth.

Class 20: Clothes            – Clothes never conceal or promote the beauty or ugly inside you. How God really feels about the way you dress.

Series V:  Classes 21 – 26

Class 21:  Prayer – The differences, reasons for and effective uses of prayer, affirmations, meditation, visualization, chanting and ohms.

Class 22:  Religion         – The mission of religion is to prepare man for bravely facing the vicissitudes of life however, is often used as an escape from evolution by way of routine; doctrine and dogma. Only the real religion of personal spiritual experience will prove helpful in the present crisis of civilization.

Class 23:  Freedom         – Learn how to increase your personal power while freeing yourself from social, economic, family and societal pressures.

Class 24:  Time   – Embracing the reality that your life will never end, your beloveds & your knowledge eternal, how better would you spend your time?

Class 25:  Death – Immortal souls transition in & out of the world of time & space to exp. physical life for spiritual growth. Learn how-to embrace the process.

Class 26: Good & Evil     –Sin is potential in all realms where imperfect beings are endowed w/the ability to choose between good & evil. Evaluating your choices.


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