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How To Achieve Success In Relationships ~ Focus: Romantic Relationships

Cosmic RomanticHighly interactive, group Life Coaching sessions, participants are encouraged to express their thoughts through role playing.  Using Sheila V.’s intuitive insight as your guide, you will realize the most effective means of communication, action or inaction necessary to resolve issues and create positive, supportive energy in your relationships. Classes begin with the reciting of affirmations to ground you in the positive before discussing how-to achieve balance and success with your partners.

Classe schedule: To be announced

Feel free to express your thoughts and enlighten us on your experience  with the following class topics.  (pdf)

Series I:  Knowing Yourself

Class 1:  How do you perceive your worth in a relationship? Exploring influences: karmic, past & present.

Class 2:  Knowing when it’s best to be you or who you’re expected to be with confidence, competence and security.

Class 3:  Sexual compatibility and why it’s so important. Exploring alternative solutions and the term “open-minded”.

Class 4:  Defining the type of relationships that better suit you. Identifying your influences: Cultural, Religious, Societal, etc.

Class 5:  Determining the type of person(s) that are right for you and why.  How to manifest Mr./Mrs. Right or Right Now.

Series II:  Knowing Your Partner

Class 1:  Knowing the difference between a soul mate and life partner.

Class 2:  How your partner perceives his/her worth in a relationship. What does he/she bring to the table? Exploring influences.

Class 3:  Who chooses whom and whose choice matters most? Why your partner(s) in past and present relationships chose you.

Class 4:  There’s no such thing as “Commitment Phobic.” Knowing the difference between LUSTING, LOVING and BEING IN LOVE.

Class 5:  Getting what you deserve and deserving what you get in a relationship. Dealing with the good, the bad and the ugly.

Series III:  The Ultimate Relationship

Class 1:  The mutual satisfaction that necessitates the fulfillment of each other’s happiness, acceptable limits & unhealthy dependencies.

Class 2:  Defining “Dating” – what it means to you and its varying stages; Relationships naturally evolve. What yours is doing.

Class 3:  Essentials to making a relationship work: Communication, consideration, security, socializing and sex.

Class 4:  Knowing when it’s time to call it quits, why and the best ways how. Get your relationship toxicology report.

Class 5:  How to start and keep a relationship healthy. Relationship therapy: Exploring Fantasies, BDSM, Tantra and Hall Passes.


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