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Develop Your Intuition ~ Discover Your Purpose In Life

The Urantia BookIntuitive development is a natural course of action and the next stage of evolution for humankind. Common prayers and affirmations, reading books and visualization can help you develop your senses to better communicate with your spiritual guides, discern the right course of action in all matters, realize the true nature of life’s experiences, know truth from deception, and quickly resolve and overcome life’s challenges. Discovering your purpose in life is easy when you’re guided by using your gifts to discover you have limitless potential.  “Manipulation of universe energy is ever in accordance with the personal will and the all wise mandates of the Universal Creator”.  quote “The Urantia Book”

In this class, we’ll first seek to reveal your calling.  Realize who and what your influences are in both spiritual and material worlds, then demonstrate how to use the universe’s law of attraction (energy, mind & matter), to manifest what you want.  Sounds easy enough, but in order to be successful, you’ll also have to face the challenge of alignment. The end result is a life changed to resemble your dream(s).

Class schedule to be announced

Feel free to express your thoughts and enlighten us on your experience  with the following class topics.  (pdf)

Series I:  The History of the Universe & Origin of Your Soul (Overview) 

Class 1:  UniversesSizes, number, locations, their capitals and you.

Class 2:  SoulsThe origin of creation, journey, timeline and purpose

Class 3:  God(s)Everything you wanted to know; and why so many disbelieve. The needs for religion, spirituality, magic & science.

Class 4:  ReincarnationThe immortal souls of mankind cannot achieve an eternity of evolution in just one (1) life cycle.  Understanding the purpose of a soul and the process of evolution.

Class 5:  The Lucifer Rebellion:  Explaining why we’re the least evolved of human inhabited worlds in 49 universes.

Series II:  Realizing Your Purpose In Life

Class 1:  Identifying Your Gifts? – Individualizing your many senses. Common experiences include: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Empathy, etc.

Class 2:  Mastery – How to develop, own, and integrate your abilities so, they’re not just what you do but, accepted as who you are.

Class 3:  Intro to Universal Law – Review and application followed by how-to master the Law of Attraction: Energy, Mind and Body.

Class 4:  The Specific Origin of Your Soul – Realizing that you are as unique a spirit as you are a person. Learning where you’re really from.

Class 5:  Why You’re So Perfect – Understanding why living your dream IS fulfilling your destiny and your responsibility to the universe.

Series III:  Death, The Afterlife and Destiny of Your Soul

Class 1:  Death–Revealing and/or dispelling the mysteries of the cultural and religious beliefs that have created fear of the process. Accepting the inevitable.

Class 2:  The Sum of A Human Life – The Mechanism (body), Soul (spiritual entity), Personality (self) & Divine Thought Adjuster (mind).

Class 3:  The Afterlife – Identifying the legislative bodies of Heaven’s government, coordinators and factors affecting the existence of life, recording or assignments & destination of “The Sum of A Human Life” in its parts, as determined by The Creator or the individual Personality (Self).

Class 4:  Your Ascending Mortal Career: Urantia (Earth) as a starting point; running the race of time & achieving the ultimate goal.

Class 5:  Dying Before One’s Time – Understanding the meaning for accidental deaths, suicide and war.


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