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I and close members of my family have received over 100 healings to correct the mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances, physical ailments injuries of our lives.  Medical conditions said, that could only be corrected by surgery, prognosis of chronic pain or death has been halted and reversed with the healing powers, knowledge, practice and supplements provided by one or more of the Amazing Healers on this page.

Are you or someone your know, suffering from a condition? Would you like a permanent solution? Typically, I’d suggest you start here but, if I had nickle for every person who was threatened by the mere offer, I’d have a whole lot of nickles. Too many people use their conditions to gain the attention and/or financial support that’s become the source and reason for their existence, even if it’s killing them.  If I started listing cases right now, of people who wouldn’t trade the idea of taking the easy way out by dying for, dealing with the responsibilities of living, to save their lives, pardon the pun.

As for working with the Amazing 4, in some cases you’ll be able to decrease whatever method of treatment you’re currently using to manage your condition while converting to the new method of healing, in other cases you be able to make a clear break because the cause and core of your illness will be gone for good.

I used to do readings at The Psychic Eye Book Shop in Sherman Oaks, CA. One of my clients, an extraordinarily beautiful, 47 yr old African American woman came to see me, to ask why she’d been through so much pain and suffering in her lifetime. It took her forever to reach the back of the store, where I was doing my readings that day.  She said, she usually walked with a cane but, wanted to see if she could manage without that day. She said she had the same disease that crippled Bo Jackson, the Heisman Trophy winning football and baseball star . She’d already had a bilateral hip replacement and had been living with chronic pain for years. She also told me she felt she was constantly under attack. The people she’d encountered and their treatment of her, the last few years, made her feel like she had been through demon school.  Those were her exact words, “Demon School”.  I have to deal with those buggers almost, everyday and hadn’t heard that one before. She really had me laughing, but of course, I knew what she was talking about.

So I did what I always do with hard cases, I sent her to Michelle.  Two sessions later, she was walking laps around the track at a nearby high school.  Most of the pain has subsided and what little she has to deal with is easily managed. She says she’s happy and feels free now.  She once felt she would never be able to pursue her dream of becoming a successful recording artist now, her whole life is lining up just the way she’d imagined it would if she wasn’t suffering from her condition.

For starters, Michelle removed an entity that had embedded itself behind her #2 Chakra, down in the genital area.  As it was, the woman had been molested, frequently as a child. Typically, after a person has encountered physical abuse for long periods of time, dark force entities, feed on the negative energy emanating from victim’s sphere. Then, they embed themselves within the area of the body suffering the most pain and continue growing in strength. Since entities are energetic beings, they usually coil themselves around the nearest point of entry of the body’s energy centers, better known as “the chakras”.  This invasion of the body often manifest as the resemblance of chronic pain and other mental, emotional or physical ailments most physicians reach of point of not resolving.  Most people give in to the idea that they’ll live with pain for the rest of their lives but, for those like my client, who refuse to believe that, relief is a phone call away.

Tell me why you think you’re suffering and I’ll tell you how to rid yourself of it for good.


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