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FAREWELL ~ Thank you so much for visiting my Facebook and Yelp pages, however, I regret to inform you that I have moved on. My first love will always be for providing spiritual guidance to practical solutions, that help people find peace, and happiness while striving to become successful in life. However, I am devoted to the completion and implementation of my life-long project to end global poverty. In the next few years, you would be more likely to find me behind a desk with a pen in my hand, than sitting across a table with a deck of cards. #SpiritualLifeCoach

SPECIAL REQUESTS ~ I will always be able to “tap in,” and provide insights, enlightenment, and assistance in intuitive development, upon request, however, I will no longer maintain a business practice of giving intuitive and/or tarot card readings, and classes. #RevSheilaV

I WILL MISS YOU ~ I am going to miss working full-time in mysticism and metaphysics. It has allowed me to live vicariously through more than 7,000 people, seeing the world through their eyes, and feeling emotions that I was, otherwise not meant to bear in my personal journey through life.

THE ULTIMATE LIFE EXPERIENCE ~ To have walked in so many people’s shoes, without having to endure the consequences of being who they are, where they are from, and the choices people have had to make is the ultimate in life experiences.

Employing all of my senses to take part in a person’s whole life, within a 30-minute session, has always been time well spent. Validating perceptions of events and correcting misunderstandings, finding the truth in a sea of misconception, is what gives people peace of mind, and a privilege for me to provide clarity.

AN HONOR to FULFILL MY PURPOSE ~ Professional Intuitive Consulting will never be a job for me, it is simply one of the many reasons that validate my existence. Trusting me to help resolve issues regarding your relationships, family matters, career decisions, and other involvements has been my honor, a blessing, and gifts for which I could never repay.

Thank you with all my heart, God bless and Godspeed to your success!

Rev. Sheila V., 4th Generation Native Cherokee Shaman, Spiritual Life Coach & Professional Intuitive, Founder, CEO The SVM Global Learning Center

P.S: If the need is dire and the request sincere, I can be reached at The SVM Global Learning Center.

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