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Elevate FM Radio Interview with Rev. Sheila V.

On March 1, 2019, I was interviewed by Rick Delgado with Elevate FM Radio. Initially, I intended to promote my services as a spiritual life coach, healer, and intuitive development instructor. However, and to my surprise, after explaining that I left my practice to complete The SVM Global Business System, Elevate was still interested in conducting the interview.

While living in the US Virgin Islands, I answered questions about my practice in one-hour segments, on a popular weekly radio show. Three years later, I was conducting three-hour speaking engagements for SVMG clients on a weekly basis. All that to say that I am accustomed to being long-winded. I was just clearing my thoughts and revving-up to give it a real go when Rick said we were almost out of time.

The interview is 11 minutes long, and except for going on a bit about how not to use my professional intuitive abilities, it means to convey the importance of raising funds needed to implement the SVM Global Business System. I hope to have the opportunity to give more interviews and am sure to improve as I go. Thank you for taking the time to listen, and I look forward to reading your comments. God bless and Godspeed to our success! RSV

About Rev. Sheila V.

A 4th Generation Native Cherokee Shaman, Spiritual Life Coach, Universal Life Church Minister, Prophetess ordained to strengthen the world economy by ending global poverty, otherwise, a happy grandmother that can't get enough of my kids, grandkids and spending all our birthdays at amusement parks.

One comment on “Elevate FM Radio Interview with Rev. Sheila V.

  1. Rev. Sheila V.
    March 19, 2019

    From the Desk of Peter Colasurdo via FB Messenger.

    Dear Sheila, I enjoyed listening to your 10 minute interview with Rick Delgado. Every time I hear your life story, I continue to enjoy listening to how compelling, uplifting and spiritually enlightening it actually is. Even though I view my mind as something that constantly works in a very scientific, empirical and detail-oriented manner, the romantic in me simply loves listening to other people’s stories and accounts of their life as well as their goals and ambitions. Yours are most compelling and awe-inspiring.

    You asked me to comment on if you were “too far out there” and whether you were “making the right points”. Excuse my French, but one cannot but be in awe of your “joie de vivre”, your mission in life for all peoples of the world in general, those connected with SVM as well as the blessed and fortunate ones who will unquestionably become enamored of you and the wonderful and timely social justice issue of our day in helping individuals to achieve and maintain a far greater qualitative living condition/situation within a more spiritually-focused environment. No, you are not too far out there. You hit the bullseye for me. Yes, you can very briefly, as the radio announcer suggested, focus a bit more on some specifics at the end. Frankly, you have nobody to convince of anything. Your incredible story, who and what you are, and of course your life’s goal(s) speak volumes.

    I somewhat agree with Mr. Delgado in his plea to ultimately focus in a little more of the specifics of what you wish to achieve without all the details.. My only difficulty is I wished to hear a bit more. “If you build it, they will come”. What a marvelous line from the movie Field of Dreams. You are obviously a dreamer, I am a dreamer, most people in general cherish a dream about a more amazing world where people can live out their lives with greater dignity, a sense of purpose and fulfillment without the currently stifling, inadequate and horrendous economic and social disadvantages and deterrents which plague the masses.

    God bless you, your work and all those who collaborate to bring your life goals and dreams to fruition.

    Peter H.Colasurdo


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