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Investing in The SVM Global Business System

The SVM Global Business System (SVMG) is a globally unifying #humanitarian effort to provide reliable income for people in #crisis until #financialstability is achieved, then continues serving as a #UniversalBasicIncome (#UBI) for as long as participants remain active within the system.

Earnings distributed through the SVM Global Business System, are paid into member’s trust accounts. The trusts are divided into allowances that provide for Members basic needs, (i.e., #housing, vehicle purchasing, #education, etc.). #IncomeEqualiy

When #SVMGlobal requests the need for 1,000 units of anything, from #houses to #shoes, payment for those units will have been made available before the request and will be provided once all terms of the purchase agreements are met.

Helping us raise the $5.7M needed to implement the SVM Global Business System, will almost assuredly help you win a contract to provide us with #products or #services in your business field. Our needs will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • #Remodeling or fully restoring homes and businesses in depressed neighborhoods,
  • #Leasing or #selling units on developed properties, and developing new #housing projects,
  • Needs for #land, #prefabricated houses, #vehicles, and other transport,
  • Applying #greenenergy initiatives to every restored or newly built property,
  • Provide #holistictreatments, #fitness equipment and wear for all participants in support of #wellness,
  • Provide #educationalmaterial, supplies, and furniture, technical equipment, devices, applications, IT services, and
  • Provide support for mainstream adaptation of #cryptocurrency (training in storage, spending, and trading).

Donations are accepted by clicking the links for GoFundMe, The SVM Global Freedom Fund, and via BTC:1LUFdwCjYRfPneS9B5RuJguQfBLZkDvFJf  ~ Alternative methods of donating may be requested via email or by calling directly to (559) 418-0884.

Rev. Sheila V. Tabarsi, Founder & CEO The SVM Global Learning Center, LLC

About Rev. Sheila V.

A 4th Generation Native Cherokee Shaman, Spiritual Life Coach, Universal Life Church Minister, Prophetess ordained to strengthen the world economy by ending global poverty, otherwise, a happy grandmother that can't get enough of my kids, grandkids and spending all our birthdays at amusement parks.

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