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Do You Ever Need A Time Out?

Do You Ever Need a Time Out?
Do you ever just need a time out? When I do, I take one — and no guilt allowed.
One of the most powerful ways to make ourselves more effective in all walks of life is taking care of ourselves. That means eating and sleeping well, doing things we enjoy and having meaningful relationships. Taking an occasional time out can be a potent self help tool.
Something I’ve struggled with in the past is knowing when to take a time out. The first clue I need one is when it takes me a half hour to do something that would normally only take me ten minutes. I have found that it is a better investment of my time to take a quick break, then just plow through my work until I can’t function anymore! Anyone relate?
This last weekend was a time our for me and I could tell I really needed it. It’s important to get in the habit of checking yourself to know when it’s THAT time.
My time outs consist of preparing good food, napping, enjoying conversations with my friends, and getting organized. If you need a guideline to follow try use David Allen’s system, “Getting Things Done.” I don’t use it regularly but it helps to reduce the feelings of being overwhelmed when I have a lot to keep track of.
It’s hard to see things in a positive light when you’re tired, hungry and stressed. Remember, you’re only human!
I hope you’re taking care of yourself. It’s an investment in the one and only you. You’re worth itSheila V - Time Out

One comment on “Do You Ever Need A Time Out?

  1. Ben Philias
    August 2, 2015

    We all need to “reboot” every now and then! I personally suffer that a great deal. My motto used to be: “It’s better to burn out than it is to rust out”. Wrong!

    Great post, Kathy!


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