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I believe

When no one else could understand my dreams, I Believed.

When no one else could feel my pain, I Believed.

When all odds were against me, I Believed.

When I had no idea where I was being lead, I Believed.

When trouble and loss plagued my life, I Believed.

When I felt broken, abandoned, and wounded, I Believed.

I believed I had a purpose in life.

I believed there was a better way to live, independent of control by others.

I believed I had value and was worthy of love and respect.

I believed that God and the Universe above would guide me.

I believed if I could reach deep inside I could find the strength and skills I needed to fulfill my dreams.

I believed if I stayed true to myself by sharing unconditional love, I would receive unconditional love.

I believed if I could take one more step each day, I could achieve my goals.

I believed in me, I worked harder, I worked longer, I persevered ridicule and pity.

I believed, and NOW stand in my Power and Glory and Victory of my dreams.

All because, even in fear, I walked my path, I bore my struggles, I gave All I had to give, to BE, what I Believed.

I believe

6 comments on “I believe

  1. kathysamson1991
    June 7, 2015

    Never STOP believing in yourself and others, Never!! Great post Randall!!!


  2. Love this post Randall. Belief is one of the strongest forces in life. Maybe second only to Love. Thanks for contributing to our corporate blog site.


  3. Ben Philias
    June 8, 2015

    Belief is what keeps us going through the day-to-day life’s happenings. Belief is what #SVMGLOBAL is all about!
    We believe that it is possible to end world poverty! #SheilaV.Tabarsi is the leader that will make it come true!


  4. Ben Philias
    June 8, 2015

    Reblogged this on millionati and commented:

    I believe
    by amassnow


  5. Gineen Whiunui
    June 11, 2015

    Wow thats very moving and very inspirational, well done my friend R Xx


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