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Come Together!

We humans have a knack for coming together and rising up to our potential ready to lend a hand to those in need. Being highly involved with the #SVMGlobalInitiave that FREES families from financial oppression around the world, ending POVERTY, HUNGER & HOMELESSNESS gives us a heartfelt feeling of finally doing something really important.  We feel more connected to the people we are helping, as well as more connected to humanity in general. As we expand beyond the boundaries of our individualistic pursuit of happiness there can be a complete reality shift. We often find that it is much easier to be happy when we are motivated in an effort to make the world better in tangible ways, by coming to the rescue of those who are suffering.  Sometimes it’s easier, of course, to respond to an event that has just happened rather than to ongoing problems like homelessness, poverty, hunger and illness. But the truth of this world is that there is always someone in need of our best efforts to rally a group of helpers and healers. This is why #SVMGlobalInitiave  was born & created by  #SheilaV.

#SheilaV has contributed a significant amount of her time working tirelessly, with love, dedication and determination to make this WORLD a better place to live in for EVERYBODY –  physically, mentally and financially!  The more we promote, applaud, and actively inspire humanitarian efforts in the world, the more others will be drawn to this kind of work. We might pay a little less attention to sports and celebrity gossip and a little more attention to those everyday heroes who devote their lives to alleviating suffering. The more attention we pay, the more we will inspire others and ourselves to be of service in a world that greatly needs our attention.

Come Together and join us in our MISSION to end Poverty, Hunger & Homelessness –

5 comments on “Come Together!

  1. Ben Philias
    May 21, 2015

    Wonderful post, Kathy! Thank you for sharing your heartfelt words with us!


  2. Ben Philias
    May 21, 2015

    Reblogged this on millionati and commented:

    Great post!


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