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SVM GLobal Initiative: A Whole New Concept

Benry_PhiliasA few years back, I came to point where I could accept and embrace my life’s purpose to help others and make this world better than it was when I found it, before I left. (Yes, I finally realize I’m not immortal! LOL)

Since then, I’ve been humbled to find as many small ways as I could to scrape the surface of my goal. On a small scale, I have found my accomplishments satisfying, but not anywhere near the size of my life’s vision.

While network marketing for one company, a member of my team introduced me to another, the SV Zing Team. She boasted one of the leaders was of the same mindset and that her aim was toward the same goal I wanted to achieve: helping others.

Fast forward, I became a member of this movement to empower its participants to end poverty and homelessness on a global scale and proudly support what is now, The SVM Global Initiative.

The group is led by a charismatic and business savvy woman named Sheila V. Tabarsi. A US Air Force Veteran, she believes, that by supporting each other we will find there is more than enough everyone to live healthy, wealthy and happy lives and beyond satisfactory lifestyles.

Though presented with obstacle after obstacle, she fights relentlessness on a daily basis to make sure her vision see the dawn of light in the coming days.

We are engulfed in an atmosphere of pure and positive support from all members here, with the Initiative; I feel right at home.

I believe as Sheila V. believes, we all deserve to live at the highest level of standards. I believe everyone was created to experience the most we can achieve in a single lifetime, but helping OTHERS to do the same is PARAMOUNT!

Not only do I intend on using The SVM Global Initiative platform to help as many as I can, but I plan to use it as model and base to bring design and life vision to scale; self-actualize and immortalize myself as I make the world a better place.

I would like to personally thank Sheila V. for sharing her vision and never giving up so we can all realize our dreams.

This is a global movement. Wherever you are, you have a chance to be a part of it and us of each other!

If your struggle is so great you cannot afford the one-time out-of-pocket expense for becoming a client of SVM Global Initiatives, professional development and business management consulting firm, Sheila V. & Associates, feel free to fill out an application for program participation with the FreedomFund. If you qualify, your entry-level client service fee will be paid for you.

Sign-up for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity today!

To learn more, CLICK HERE or go to : SVMGLOBAL.ORG

See you on the beautiful beaches of the world!

Ben Philias, TheMillionati!

About Ben Philias

My name is Ben Philias. I'm an entrepreneur and investor by profession. I've been in the traditional or in the online business niche for the past 20 years. I enjoyed making deals as well as leading and inspiring others to grow their businesses. I operate in a spirit of LOVE and ABUNDANCE. I believe there is more than enough for everyone. If the pie is too small, we create other pies...A great deal, for me, is when everyone wins. I'm a student of knowledge: school is never out.

5 comments on “SVM GLobal Initiative: A Whole New Concept

  1. chris clark
    May 25, 2015

    Great Testimony Ben, I can also feel the emotion within your words. Shelia has been nothing, but an great leader, and consultant to all of us.I believe in the way she has done by taking her time to get things in order. For example: when we all go out and buy a cars, right? Yup! and we want the company that built the engine to have built it correctly right? Yup!

    So to all the hate blogger why waste your time when there are many other things to do, like live you life and leave us alone.



  2. Tangerine
    May 26, 2015

    …and all I can add here is agree with both of you 101% !!


  3. Sharon H.
    June 2, 2015

    I will keep this short. Anyone who can maintain such a positive attitude and motivation to keep going in spite of such slander and negativity is someone worth paying attention to. Thank you Sheila V. for being the epitome of someone who actually cares for the less fortunate. Actions truly do speak louder than words!!

    May God continue you to bless you and bring your vision to manifestation.


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