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SVM Global Initiative Scam Review

SVMGlobal_Romans_iOS_3What is that SVM Global Initiative that is creating all the online buzz lately? Is all the stuff you’re reading true? #SVMGlobalInitiative

An objective analysis of what is true and what is not will hopefully cast some lights so you, the reader, can have enough facts to be your own judge or, at the very least, get you engaged enough to look for more information.

Founded and directed by Sheila V. Tabarsi, SVM Global Initiative’s main Vision Statement, and Objective is to rid the world of this cancerous poverty that affects more than 80% of the world’s population. But how will she accomplish that? How will she succeed where so many have failed before? How would she make this a palpable reality for so many people in the world that are so deservedly needy and thirsty for a financial change?

Sheila V., by nature, is a very caring person. Her move toward this direction to make the world a better place started with her taking leadership and responsibility to help every US Veteran live a better life after serving their country. Thus, she created SVM Redesign America: a program to transform abandoned military bases into houses for the veterans that have sacrificed so much.

With SVM Global Initiative, she takes it to the whole new level. She is placing the world’s biggest challenge upon her shoulder. She is strong, dedicated, and ready for the task.

The Online Business Industry is one of the fastest-growing business segments in the world. Understanding this fact, she manages to leverage its power by creating a business platform named The MarketPlace at SVM: a password protected marketing engine,.

Inside the MarketPlace, registered members, via weekly and monthly subscriptions, can learn the necessary business acumen to use their God-given talents and also benefit through the power of Network Marketing by earning a potential income while learning Business, Money Management, and Life Skills, among many others!

To be totally honest with you, the earning potential of the compensation package is mind-blowing. A vast number of people will have a great chance to create a potential life-changing income on a weekly and monthly basis.

But this is not exactly where Sheila V.’s mind and heart are. She doesn’t want it to be just about the money. She wants it to be for a greater and unselfish cause: to help one another. It’s a cause that is beyond you and I. It’s about a mission: the mission to end world poverty.

For a one-time client fee, there are different levels to participate in The MarketPlace. For people who can not afford to pay any money at all-i.e college students, welfare and social security recipients, and others, she has the Freedom Fund to pay your way in if qualified.

Sheila V. and her Marketing Team are putting the final pieces together to launch this project forward in the coming days. Do yourself and your family a huge favor: get more info at

You deserve it! Your family deserves it! The world deserves it! #SVMGlobalInitiative

We can make this world a better place. Let’s work together! Let’s do it together! Let’s end poverty today!  

Ben Philias

About Ben Philias

My name is Ben Philias. I'm an entrepreneur and investor by profession. I've been in the traditional or in the online business niche for the past 20 years. I enjoyed making deals as well as leading and inspiring others to grow their businesses. I operate in a spirit of LOVE and ABUNDANCE. I believe there is more than enough for everyone. If the pie is too small, we create other pies...A great deal, for me, is when everyone wins. I'm a student of knowledge: school is never out.

4 comments on “SVM Global Initiative Scam Review

  1. kathysamson1991
    May 19, 2015

    The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty. This is #SheilaV ! We are with her each step of the way to be a part of helping her build those stones !!

    We are here to help Sheila V end POVERTY and HUNGER throughout God’s world!

    #SVMGlobalInitiave Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.


  2. Excellent post Ben! Poverty can end when you create a “sustainable income” for every family in every community throughout the world. That’s what The SVM Global Initiative is all about. Thank you Sheila V.!


    • Ben Philias
      May 20, 2015

      Absolutely, Phil! You are right on par! #SVMGlobal, changing the world as we know it!


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