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Peek-a-boo, I can’t see you blogger boy!

Phils EyeSheila V.,

I have a question to ask the person who’s writing these hate blogs about you and SVM Global. It’s really important that I get in touch with them. Can I get their phone number please? Oh, they haven’t given out their phone number. I see. Well, how about an email address that I can reach them at? Oh, no email address either huh. Okay no problem. Well how about a physical address? I don’t mind writing a letter. Oh I see, no physical address either. Well how about a city and country? I bet I can track them down that way. No city or country either you say. Well at least tell me this Sheila, is the individual I need to speak with a male or female? You’re not sure because they haven’t posted a picture of themselves anywhere online. #SVMGlobalInitiative  #SheilaV

Hmmm, well this is weird. NO phone number, NO email, NO address, NO city or country listed, NO picture of themselves… It seems the person accusing you of running a scam has the very characteristics of a SCAMMER themselves.

People please! If you want to know the truth about The SVM Global Initiative, or if you have questions or concerns you need addressed; you can CALL Sheila anytime. You can EMAIL Sheila anytime. You can even visit her at her office (this you may need to schedule in advance). All Sheila’s contact info, along with her photo and everything you need to know about SVM Global is here for EVERYONE TO SEE:

…Peek-a-boo, I can’t see you blogger boy!

Phil Thompson with The SVM Global Initiative #SVMGlobalInitiative  #SheilaV

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